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Powered tugs

Why push or pull, when you can tow?

Also known in the industry as pedestrian operated tugs, electric tugs, electric load pullers or electric tuggers, an Electrodrive powered tug is a machine designed specifically for allowing a single operator to move heavy wheeled loads safely, reducing the risk of back and side strain from pushing and pulling.

Built to perform, our range of battery powered tugs make it possible for one person to move up to 20,000 kilograms of equipment. Unlike a forklift, you don't need a license to operate a tug, and since they are designed to tow loaded trolleys and trailers alongside a walking operator, you will always have maximum forward visibility, eliminating the risk of collision with other people or equipment. Our tugs are also very manoeuvrable, at home in tight corridors or areas with heavy traffic, and because they're battery powered, they are also quiet, allowing them to be used in hospitals and commercial areas.

Powered tugs are used in a wide variety of applications, in a wide variety of industries. From delivering stock inside shopping centres, to moving heavy trolleys through tight hospital corridors, to moving very heavy equipment around factory floors, we will have an electric tug that can help your staff move heavy loads safely.

Common applications

  • Retail—moving heavy roll cages from loading docks to shelves

  • Healthcare & hospitality—moving heavy linen carts to the laundry

  • Supermarkets & airports—moving long trains of empty trolleys

  • Construction—moving building materials through narrow sites

  • Food & beverage—moving heavy industrial bowls of ingredients and products

  • Waste management—moving heavy bins to collection points or dumper bins

  • Manufacturing & assembly—moving heavy equipment like vehicles, glass, components, or finished products through a production line

Hitching and accessories

Check the hitching and accessories page for more information.

It's all in the ergonomics

See what sets an Electrodrive tug apart from the competition.

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The Tug Compact

Tug Compact

Safely tow up to 500 kg.

The Tug Evo

Tug Evo

Safely tow up to 2 tonnes.

The Tug Classic

Tug Classic

Safely tow up to 3.5 tonnes.

The Tug Smart

Tug Smart—All new design

Safely tow up to 5 tonnes on flat ground or up to 1 tonne on slopes.

The Tug Tough range

Tug Tough

Safely tow up to 20 tonnes.


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