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Why choose an Electrodrive tug?

It’s all in the ergonomics

Ergonomics is defined as an applied science concerned with designing and arranging 'things' people use so that the people and 'things' interact most efficiently and safely. This means that no matter what your occupation or task is, there is always going to be an ergonomic way of doing it. And if that involves repetitive pushing and pulling of heavy loads, finding an ergonomic work process becomes a major factor in reducing the risk of workplace injuries.

Stay in front of load

We all know that the most ergonomic method of moving a heavy load is by putting it in on a trolley and attaching it to a tug. What some don't know is that the most ergonomic way of using a tug is actually by towing it. Towing puts the operator in front of load and helps avoid collisions with other people, equipment or structures. Our range of tugs are designed to do just that. With a tiller handle drive system, the operator can effortlessly walk in front of loads up to 20 tonnes, always maintaining correct posture and forward vision.

Not all tugs are created equal

While you can also tow a load with our competitor's tugs, their controller handles are primarily designed for the operator to trail behind or 'push' the load, decreasing visibility of what is ahead and increasing the risk of collision with other people or objects. If you do decide to use them to tow, their handle's design puts the operator's shoulders, arm and wrist in a very uncomfortable position, behind the operator. Traveling over any distance in this position is unergonomic for the operator and could increase the risk of shoulder, arm, or wrist strains. The tiller handle drive system on Electrodrive tugs however, seamlessly interact with how the human body moves, keeping the operator in a comfortable position and further reducing the risk strains.

The obvious choice

If reducing workplace injuries is important to you then the Electrodrive range of powered tugs make them the obvious choice. Why not ask us how we can make help you improve your push-pull processes today?

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