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Powered Bin Trolley

Battery powered trolley with a 400 kg tow capacity

Powered Bin Trolley

Move multiple wheelie bins with ease

Electrodrive's Powered Bin Trolley is perfect for moving wheelie bins. It can fit up to three 240-litre wheelie bins in accordance to AS 4123.1-2008.

Its powered drive-wheel can also handle ramps with inclines up to 5 degrees. The smart design allows for an easy turning circle and smooth manoeuverability, while the operator safely stays in front of the load, maximising forward vision.


  • Move up to three 240 litre wheelie bins, weighing up to 400 kg over a flat surface

  • Powered drive-wheel can carry loads over ramps up to 5 degrees

  • Smart design with easy turning action

  • Tiller control keeps you in front of load

  • Designed and made in Australia

Typical applications

  • Nursing homes

  • Car parks

  • Theme parks

  • Hospitals

  • Sporting complexes.


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