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Non-Retractable Powered Fifth Wheel

Powered Fifth Wheel kit (non-retractable wheel)

Convert manually-pushed trolleys into powered ones

The Powered Fifth Wheel (P5W) is a retrofittable solution for converting your manually-pushed trolleys into powered ones.

Controlled with an ergonomically designed control grip for a natural walking posture, the Powered Fifth Wheel works with your trolley’s other four wheels to help you move heavy loads safely and efficiently.

Many trolleys, one solution

The handle clamps on both ends of the tiller arm can be fully customised, ensuring compatibility with a wide variety of vertical or horizontal trolley handles, including those found on:

  • Meal delivery systems

  • Hotel luggage trolleys

  • Stock trolleys

  • Linen trolleys

Non-Retractable Powered Fifth Wheel kit 

  1. A powerful motorised non-retractable drive-wheel.

  2. A hand control unit (vertical or horizontal—depending on your requirements).

  3. A slide-out battery carriage.

  4. A smart charger.


  • Moves up to 400 kg safely.

  • Ergonomic control grip on the hand control unit.

  • Intuitive controls.

  • Three-speed control with forward and reverse.

  • Safety features including an emergency stop button and a horn.

  • Two 33Ah batteries assembled within the slide-out carriage and a smart charger for optimum operation and battery life.

  • Made in Australia.

Powered Fifth Wheel kit fitted to a trolley
The Powered Fifth Wheel kit fitted to a trolley.

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