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Moving timber trusses

Moving pre-fabricated timber trusses is awkward by nature due to their physical span and weight. One of Melbourne’s leading suppliers of pre-fabricated timber roof trusses to Victorian residential building contractors found the onerous task of moving their trusses from the processing area to their loading area with a forklift was compromising the safety of their employees as well as limiting their productivity.

Electrodrive provided an engineered solution which had to meet important criteria—compatibility with other plant and equipment, certainty in the product, and improved productivity and efficiency. The Electrodrive Tug was the perfect fit. It eliminated the need for forklifts in a pedestrian occupied processing facility; it emits zero emissions which have significantly improved the air quality of the environment and most importantly, the Tug was made adaptable to use with existing trolleys to deliver a low cost implementation.


  • Safely move awkward loads

  • Increased productivity through single operator use

  • Low cost integration into existing processes

The right way to push an awkward load - use a powered tug

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